Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to restore your opera default settings?

Many times we want to restore our Opera web browser to it's original state to recover some bad things we had made to our opera preference with out our intention.

So here you will see how to restore your original opera settings:

1- show your hidden files from (my computer - tools menu - choose folder options - from view tab - check "show hidden files and folders"

2- for windows 7 close opera then go to (C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Opera\Opera\)

for windows xp close opera then go to (C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Application Data\Opera\Opera)

3- locate and delete the file called "Operapref.ini"

4- open opera and this file will be rebuilt automatically

by that you restore your opera original state, thanks......

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Monday, February 14, 2011

How to temporary pause a process?

Sometimes we need to temporary pause a precess from running but we don't want to terminate it in order to resume it after while...........

Here's a simple explanation of how to do it:

1- you need to have a process explorer application *download link is below

2- from process explorer right click the process you want to pause it while and choose suspend

3- then when you want to resume it again right click it and choose resume

* it's very useful tip especially if you don't need to terminate a big process now but you just want to pause it until you finish another one.

I hope it's clear

* You can download process explorer from link below:


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How to manage start up processes?

Sometimes you need to disable some application from running at your windows start up, you might want to save your boot up time or to accelerate windows running.

So you need to control which application should work and which shouldn't.

Here's a simple explanation of how to control your start up programs :

1- from start menu click run

2- type "msconfig" in run box then press enter

3- then click start up tab

4- there will be a list of your application that you can uncheck or check them to run when windows start

I hope it's easy !

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

System default web browser....

When some program redirect you to a webpage or when you open a saved web page it open with certain web browser not another why? and according to what does windows determine which web browser to use?

Now you will know more about how to change default web browser:

** For internet explorer:

tools>>>>internet option>>>program tab then check make default

** For Firefox

tools>>>>>option>>>>>advanced>>>General and under system defaults then chick "Always check to see if Firefox is the default browser on startup" then click check now

** For Opera

ctrl + f12 >>>> from advanced tab >>>> click programs then chick "Check if Opera is default browser on startup."

** For google chrome

from tools choose options then basics tab then click "Make Google Chrome my default browser"

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How to clear opera cache?

Sometimes while we make change for our website, blog or journal and when we reload our site to show the applied change our site still in the older state.

this because opera call the stored web page from it's cache so change don't appear after reloading website

How to Clean Web browser (Opera) Cache?

1- Click ctrl + F12

2- from advanced tab click History

3- then click clear and Empty Cache

then now try reloading your site and every thing will be ok !!

I hope I help you

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Detect language » Arabic

Defraggler is the best !!!

If your computer seem to be so slow and you don't know the reason you should make a defragmentation for your hard drive>>

what does defragmentation mean ?

it is a way to reduce the fragmentation amount in file system i.e it organise your hard disk files to be easy to use and to accelerate it is access so it help so much in increasing your system windows speed

there are many defragmentation softwares such as that which come with windows but why here I recommend Defraggler specially ???

Features :-

  • you can choose to defragment the whole drive or only one folder or more.
  • you can schedule it to run every week or month and while sleep mode
  • it support windows 7 , vista and xp also windows 2000 , ME, 98
  • also it present in multi-lingual
  • boot time defragment
  • Completely free , It is made by Piriform which also produce Ccleaner

To download it click the link down


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Detect language » Arabic
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Detect language » Arabic

Thursday, October 1, 2009

How to pick color from screen ?

How many times you love a color in an image and you want to pick it and use it in your image editor (paint, Photoshop, or any other) ?

Here's a simple utility that can make this ColorPicker

Features: Portable, Free, simple to use, small size (228 Kb)

Pick color from screen, in RGB and HTML code formats, easily and quickly!


Then copy the color code and paste it in your image editor or paste the RGB value

Download from here

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